4 min readMar 16, 2022


0xCity is an all-inclusive Project focusing on the protection and growth of the 0x component in the NFT space. 0xCity is the first-of-its-kind project which takes the entire market’s liquidity pool and growth into consideration. Our mission is to provide shelter for projects and communities, that have had to endure an uncontrollable loss in the market and projects that have suffered from malicious intent.

Our Vision:

We see an individual component developing within the NFT space that falls under the “0x” banner, which in itself causes controversy positive and negative in existing communities and platforms. We are here to offer shelter in those moments projects have been rugged. Our vision is to fill the gaps which exist within the industry and protect the members of the entire community, rather than an individual project. We have come up with innovative ways to counter potential risks that projects can face, and solutions for them to revive themselves.

Moving Forward

Our first step moving forward would be to develop a DAO which represents our community. The DAO entitles the holders to vote on topics such as projects that will be welcome to enter the marketplace, dividends from the marketplace, and involvement in future developments within the project. The DAO will be represented by a unique PFP taking Artistic inspiration from our theme, which will be released after our “Finding our Founders” phase of the project has been completed.


The Marketplace will be developed and welcome projects which fall under the following categories. Projects that are trying to rebuild after being rugged. Projects rugged from other marketplaces but have a legitimate project and community. Any other community wanting to be a part of a new and fair marketplace. The 0xMarket is perfect for project and community rehabilitation. The marketplace will generate a percentage of passive income from trade activity on the market and pay this back to 0xMarket NFT holders. We will also offer projects a way to redirect their community wallet from the original creator and start rewarding the holders. Original DAO holders will be welcomed to mint this utility for free.


(Future Release)

Tokens held by NFT holders will be backed by a liquidity pool to reinforce the strength of the token. Tokens will be accepted on the marketplace by projects which choose to accept, tokens can also be utilized in our all-inclusive community Merch Store which is run by the 0xShark community. Coins will be fairly distributed between 0xMarket NFT holders to ensure fair distribution of the token.

Continuous Growth:

Our focus will be on the liquidity and growth within the community whilst protecting the best interests of both community and investors. We are aware we can implement many future utilities such as staking systems and launch pads within the project, that will allow us to grow our internal communities interest, invest in the growth of the project and the broader community, and reinforce the project's vision. However, that can be developed once the foundations have been set. Just know, we know.


Charity is a controversial item no matter where you come from in the world. Is the charity doing the right thing? Do they benefit from the donations? Are they focusing on the right charity? A focus of ours would be becoming a recognized charity. The reason we see an opportunity is to protect people closer to home when needed and have the power to make split decisions based on the DAO to support a worldwide issue.

The NFT space has suffered from negative speculation around the legitimacy of the space. Many people have suffered loss from projects which were misled in malicious ways which have either burnt them out of the space or left them out of pocket.

Depending on your country of residence charitable donations can be seen as a tax reduction.

We believe in combining these two things we can add liquidity back to the market by compensating people for their losses from projects that have been greenlighted by our DAO reinforcing positivity within the community and maintaining liquidity within the entire NFT space. Approved projects will allow members of communities to exit projects at an agreed percentage of their initial mint price. Funds from the community wallet will not be used to fund this part of the project.

We understand this in itself can be viewed from many angles and we know something like this is ambitious, however, we believe we could potentially give someone within our closer community a second chance.

Final Thoughts:

We are Anti hype, Pro Community. As every decision is made, every word written, any answer given is in the best interest of the community and the entire NFT space. We are real people trying to make a difference in the industry we want to devote ourselves to. We will not set ourselves a timeline on our roadmap which can cause risk of disappointment, however, offer open transparency to our holders, with quick responses and frequent communication.

We look forward to seeing you in the City.