Founders Initial Push and Pledge

3 min readMar 16, 2022


I have noted in many projects that I have been a part of, the Founding team put a lot of weight on the community and expect that community to push the project and only appear to the community when called upon. This is not the case in 0xCity.

I believe in leading from the front and never asking people to do what I wouldn't. I believe simple foundations should be put in place for the community to utilize and ensure its voice echoes throughout the space. We have brainstormed and ensured to set a structure for the community to take part in.

We will ensure the following are permanent fixtures:

0xCity Radio:

We will be hosting 0xCity Radio every Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm EST

Tuesday will focus on the project itself and promoting what the community has achieved in the past week, the direction of the community moving forward, and answering questions from both the community and the public.

Thursday we will be featuring a community and sharing our space with pre-selected communities to discuss their project, what they have been developing and what is yet to come. This is an exciting aspect as it will give our community early insight to new and emerging projects within the space, and allow our community early interaction with these projects.

0xCity will be hosted by the founding team and leading members within the community for transparency and quick knowledgeable replies. We will endeavor to engage with as many participants as physically possible.

0xCity Times, Medium Articles:

We acknowledge that not everyone can make our spaces due to time differences and accessibility. We will be releasing the ‘0xCity Times” which will focus on the updates to the public and community in article form which will be released after the Twitter spaces have been hosted.

Twitter Interactions:

We have an official Twitter which will be used to communicate with members of the public and community. We will focus on interactions from the official Twitter ensuring the public perception of the project, is that the project is active and responsive.

Discord AMA:

The team has made a commitment to be in voice discord as much as physically possible to allow people to pop in and out during the day. This is to encourage transparency and make new people feel welcome to the community. We strongly believe people find more security in voice over written text. We don't believe in having a set AMA as we believe the community should be able to approach any senior member of the community with any queries or concerns they may have.

The Citizen Search:

We have devised a fun and unique way to attract our holders. Our view on the strategy we have taken is to ensure the believers are rewarded and the non-believer's whose main focus is quick profit will be shunned. We are anti hype and pro community.

Founders Pledge

We are a friendly and efficient community acting with integrity and determined to support each other in achieving longevitty and prosperity.